Joseph Got Kimi

I couldn’t forget how he proposed to her.  When the word proposal enters my mind, I would think of candle lights, music, and the people who support the couple, just like in the movies. However, theirs was different. The proposal was simple yet romantic. They were at Kimi’s house trying on some caps for an upcoming NBA game. Oblivious to her, Joseph was holding the box underneath. Then, he knelt and popped the question. Kimi got teary-eyed and said yes.

I love the simplicity of Joseph and Kimi’s love story. It’s not the ‘love at first sight’ type. Instead, they started off as friends and got engaged after five years. This made me validate the idea that the best relationships were grounded in friendships. As they say, opposites attract. Kimi was reserved while Joseph was more engaging. Since they saw other in an unbiased way, Joseph and Kimi complemented their differences.

Kimi was my grade school buddy, we get along well because were both introverts. She and her family migrated to Vancouver when were in high school. During that time, I’ve met Joseph on a separate encounter. I was informed by a common friend that he will also move to Vancover. It’s funny that they were not able cross each other’s paths that time.

As a makeup artist, doing pre-nup tops my list because I’ve got a chance to be a part of the couple’s love story for a day. But this one’s special because this is my first time to do makeup for one of my closest friends. I haven’t seen Kimi for a while, so I took this opportunity to catch up with her and get to know Joseph as well. After hearing their story, I realized that my grade school buddy is good hands. Joseph is simple-minded yet he wants the best for Kimi. On the other hand, Kimi found her prince. I’m excited for both.

For this shoot, I partnered with my photographer Kathleen Ira who’s such a breeze to work with.  We chose two locations, Manila Harbour Square in the morning and Kimi’s residence at Alabang in the afternoon.

Here are the photos.

JK 1JK 2JK 3JK 4JK 5JK 6


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