Every New Year, it’s a common practice for most people to make resolutions, buy new clothes, and even get a makeover at a salon for that new look. Then, it dawned to me that this season motivates us to change for the better.

No matter how much we plan our lives, we cannot control the circumstances around us. We cannot always stay where we are. If we get too comfortable at something, it will eventually become boring. Life is a series of detours which makes it more interesting.  We may have lost a job that pays well due to unfortunate events, but if we reframe it, it’s an opportunity to step back and figure what we want. We may lost someone who we think is “the one”, but if we reflect on the reasons why it did not really work, it’s actually a chance for us to ponder on the kind of relationship that we would like to have with that person.

In my almost 30+ years of existence, I’ve come to learn that life is not always ideal or romantic. It’s not the situation that defines who we are, it’s about how we respond and what we do about it. One of my professors in college told us that, our present situation is a product of our choices in the past. I agree, because it’s up to us if we would succumb to everything that holds us back or if we will choose to move forward. We cannot always use the hurtful experiences as an excuse to inflict other people’s feelings. We cannot blame our upbringing if we live in mediocrity. In other words, we cannot use the past to expiate us.

The past will always have a good place, but we must move forward. We will never embrace those that are in store for us if we keep on looking back. Our feet are designed to move forward and not backward. No matter how good or bad a memory may be, we must leave it there. Opportunities that are overlooked will lead us to regret. As my former boss said, “It’s okay to leave a good place if it makes way for better opportunities.”

It may sound a cliché, but yes, change is inevitable. We cannot upgrade ourselves if we stay in our comfort zones. Stepping out of it can be downright scary. But, along the process, we will discover some qualities in ourselves that we thought we never had. There will be situations that will test our beliefs, principles and values, and eventually force us to take necessary actions. Successful people that I know and emulate don’t stay where they are. In fact, they embrace what lies ahead of them.

Change is not something to fear. If we want to make our lives more interesting, we must revamp once more. Just like our hairstyle, all we need is a makeover.


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