Begin Again


A title of a movie I watched a year ago about starting from scratch. This is pretty much apt for my first entry since I’m currently experiencing transitions. In my three decades of existence, I’ve had a fair share of joys and heartaches. And, I just learned how to roll with the punches. Someone said that , “Life is not always ideal or romantic, the best thing that we could do is appreciate and forgive”. Indeed, things happen and I’ll just forgive myself and others, and move on. Enough of the drama, I’ll just open myself to all the great things to come.

Before I welcome  2016, I’ll look back how awesome 2015 was….

I agree that life begins at 30 because this is when I realized that there were doors opened for me before I knew it. This year, I was able to check of those items in my bucket list. To give justice to this post, I grabbed some photos from my files.


  1. Attended a Beach Wedding for the first time

blog 7

I’ve attended wedding several times but this one topped my list. This is my first time to go to a beach wedding. I couldn’t be any happier than seeing one of my childhood friends getting hitched to a wonderful man. When we were kids, I recalled a moment when we talked about finding our “Happily Ever After”.  Twenty years later, she walked down the aisle. That night, we celebrated life and love.


2. Volunteered for an Outreach Program

blog 3

Last year, I’ve been planning to do things differently after leaving my former community. U happy events is an organization that support and teaches values to marginalized students in the country. This was introduced by a friend who has passion for kids. I signed up for their program called, “Art Reach”, a whole day event that enabled me share my artistic skills with the kids.


3. Climbed a mountain

blog 4

For the first time, I conquered my fear of heights. With a difficulty level of 4/9, I climbed Mt. Pico de Loro. This experience taught me how to challenge my limits and allowed me to realize the things that I can do.


4. Met two Inspiring Women

blog 5

This was totally unplanned. I was supposed to volunteer for an Art Workshop in Las Pinas, but got stuck in an FX terminal in Ayala. Afraid not to make it, I decided not to go. I felt bad since I’ve been looking forward to this event for two weeks. As I walked along National Bookstore in Glorieta, I people falling in line for Miriam Quiambao’s book signing. I told myself that it’s not everyday that I meet the people that inspire me.I consequently purchased her book and too a photo with her (too bad, my outfit was too casual compared to those who attended). As I was leaving the place, I saw Rissa Singson-Kawpeng and was starstruck. She was much prettier in person. I told her that I was a fan since college and how her book helped me during the trying times in my life. In return, we had our picture together and gave me some few enlightening words. I could use the hash tag #maypagasa, hahaha. I’ve learned that of things didn’t go as planned, beautiful surprises come along the way.

5. Re-visited Manila

blog 10

 Intramuros was a typical location for field trips when I was in grade school, during that time, I admit that I was not able to appreciate it’s value. It changed when I was in college when our professor required us to write a paper about the place. The research taught me the value of knowing our history and made me proud of our heritage.

6. Attended the most “Interesting” talk (so far… :P)

blog 6

I attended very inspiring talk with an interesting topic, “How to avoid Jerks and Jerkettes”. An eye opener indeed. This talk tackled about the “Red Lights” or the traits that we should avoid in the people that we meet.  I’ve been blessed to be part of a community that educates us not only in our faith, but also in practical things.

7. I Became a Cover Girl

blog 1

As a freelance makeup artist, I used to work behind the scenes. But this time, i was asked to model for our corporate planner for the first time. The company that I was working with featured employees that have other passions outside work. It’s honor to be part of this project that showcases other things that we can offer.

I hope to share more of my adventures. If 2015 was awesome, 2016 will be a blast.




One thought on “Begin Again

  1. First, let me commend you for inspiring me to be more adventurous. Your 1st blog entry is a fun mix of passion & compassion; a glimpse of your “love interests” in life that make up who you are & a perfect selection of snippets of your roles in making our planet a happier place to live in. Can’t wait to read your next blog post. Keep the happiness flowing,friend. It’s contagious ;p


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